Hey frienTS! As usual, we've been at it again and present you our Freizeitfahrt 2020!
Once again our event takes place around the pentecost weekend. This time, we're travelling from May 29 until June 02 2020. Fun, amazing – even vegan – food, our legendary trans*talks and countless other activities are awaiting you! This year, our destination will be the Schiermeierhof in the south of the bavarian forest.

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Different from the last years, this time around signing up is not possible on paper anymore. Down below you can reserve yourself a ticket. You can choose your attendance fee freely between €55 and €75. To sign up successfully, you need a valid e-mail address to receive all information material regarding travel and payment. During the check out process you'll be asked several questions. You will be sent a link by email to change all entered info up to 14 days prior of our event. If you have any questions, please contact us at!

Heads up: Also different from last year, you only have to wire transfer the attendance fee after we've confirmed your purchase.

About us

We, the trans* youth group frienTS from diversity München are a volunteer run peer-to-peer organization. We aim to foster exchange among the youth in the community while having a lot of fun doing that. We believe to offer once again a very competitive price for our event to make it possibly to attend for everybody. If you still have problems raising the necessary funds, drop us an email at and we'll work something out. It is important to us to keep the barrier for participating as low as possible. We're looking forward to see you!

Ferienhof Schiermeier
Kelchham 4
94136 Thyrnau

May 29th – June 2nd, 2020
Begin: 18:30
End: 11:00
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Pay-what-you-want: You can flexibly choose what you want to pay anywhere between 55 and 75€.


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